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Coffee Beans Are Good for Birds, Fancy Brew or Not

(After gathering the data for the study from 2013 to 2015, Dr. Karanth co-founded a...

Q&A: It’s Harder to Make Meals in the Mountains

Why does it take longer to cook certain foods at higher altitudes? Reduced air pressure. Source link

How We Pollute the Air Every Morning (Before We Hop in the Car)

The deodorants, perfumes and soaps that keep us smelling good are fouling the air with a harmful type of pollution — at levels...

What to Give Up for Lent? Smoking? Cursing? How About Plastic?

The Church of England has issued a “Plastic Lent Challenge,” with six weeks’ worth of ideas for plastic objects to avoid, from wet...

Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation

Some hailed the case study, published in January, as a “breakthrough” for transgender families; others...

Borneo Lost More Than 100,000 Orangutans From 1999 to 2015

Orangutans, which inhabit both the Indonesian and Malaysian sides of Borneo, as well as the...

Trilobites: The Cuttlefish, a Master of Camouflage, Reveals a New Trick

These relatives of the octopus and squid save energy by effortlessly extending structures under their skin that help them hide. Source link

First Blood Test to Detect Concussions Is Approved

One of the challenges of diagnosing concussions is that symptoms can occur at different times....

Peru Moves to Protect ‘One of the Last Great Intact Forests’

The remote rain forests in Peru’s northwest corner are vast — so vast that the clouds that form above them can influence rainfall...

Australia Diary: Missing a Blue-Tongued Friend

A reader discovers her husband had a loyal companion while tending to his garden. Source link

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